Love Paid the Price

Wondrous Love.

The Love of the Creator for His creation.

Have you ever made something that when you were finished you didn’t like it.

In fact, you disliked it so much you just threw it away.

Or perhaps you have made something extraordinary. Exquisite. So wonderful in fact that you dearly loved it and wanted to keep it forever.

No selling it. No giving it away.

That is how our Creator feels about us. Even willing to tear the bad parts down and create a brand-new piece that he LOVES. That is what redemption does.

Christ enters into our souls, our hearts, if you will, and creates an entirely new, yes, spiritual creation. An eternal creation. A creation that enjoys a relationship with the essence of LOVE. Below are some videos of music about this Love and sacrifice for sin.

“What Wondrous Love is This” – Is about the wonder of Christ laying aside His heavenly crown to come and bring us up to his heavenly home. The Creator (St. John 1:1-4) sacrificing his life for us so that we could live with him there. Because He was resurrected it makes it possible for us too, to cheat death, and live forever in Heaven, where we will sing for all eternity.

“Near the Cross” – Reminds us that all of history from beginning to end is climaxed at the Crucifixion.  That the payment for our sin was complete – on that Cross. That all the blessing of knowing Christ was achieved – blessing so rich and so wide it is like a fountain pouring out on us, was achieved at the Cross – in His crucifixion. His death paid our price.

“He Was Wounded” – “He was wounded for our transgressions”. We recognize in our time, that everything comes with a price. Such is the redemption of our souls from the penalty of sin. None of us is without sin. But Christ still loved us so that he became like us.  Human. Frail. Vulnerable.  He entered into our world, suffered as we suffer, enduring indignity, untold pain and loss to purchase our freedom from death. A romantic notion, you think.  Listen to this music and then your heart.

“He was wounded for our transgressions”.


How holy is your Name,

Jesus your power and your glory,

Your wisdom, are unknowable.

Your honor,

Higher than the Heavn’s.

Oh how can we approach you?

How can we stand before you?

Your immensity is unreachable,

Your kindness incomprehensible.



You have come to us,

You have given us your love,

And showed us how to live,

Your grief,

Has brought us hope,

Has set us free.

Free from fear,

And free from guilt.

Free from dread,

And free from death.

You have laid aside your glory

To come and bring us up to thee.


(Lyrics by Tina Steele Penn)

“In the Garden” – This song is about the special relationship we can personally have with Jesus Christ. Because Christ died for us, and rose from dead, he is now alive and interceding for us with the Father, God. And because He is alive, we can have fellowship with Him, spiritually. Walking and talking with Him. Reading his words, knowing Him – now.

Softly and Tenderly – This old gospel hymn expresses that the Living Christ loves us and is entreating us to come to Him. We have only to answer –

“Yes. I come. ” And He will come to us and visit with us, and love us!

“Be Still My Soul” – This song reminds us that everything is going to be well for us, as we trust in our Maker for each moment. Caring for us. Watching over us. Protecting us. Delivering us.

That each and everything our souls require is met in Christ. That even if we should be dying – we will know the hope that is within us – To see Jesus is the best yet to be.