From Grace to Glory

From Grace to Glory


The gifts we receive that we don’t deserve. Will never deserve.

Heaven – here and now- the beauty of – life – art – music – friendship – shower us now. I believe it is grace that allows us to see beyond this world to the next.

What is in an eye to receive beauty? What is in an ear to hear it? Blood, membranes, a lens, a drum? Beauty has a power in and of itself, apart from us. Imbued from the source, not the receiver.

To hunger – and thereby appreciate a power so far beyond ourselves that we can only capture glimmers of it shimmering through a veil.

As we devote ourselves – we become the vessel of Grace to those around us. We become light and life and perhaps even display a small modicum of Glory to those who walk near us.


Grace shows us Glory.

Glory we don’t deserve to see. Will never deserve.

But Glory so bright that our hearts are sometimes moved beyond sinew and bone, cell and neuron, and drawn though the veil to taste a world beyond the material – the ethereal – where abstraction flees before the solid realization of the Creator of Light who is Love.

Love we don’t deserve – but ah- that’s the point of love. Love has no requirement. No demands. It cannot be bought. It is showered. We are immersed.

We are loved!

Grace shows us the power and glory of a Love so great that it reaches and touches us in the core of our being. Shredding our humanness, and laying bare our limitations, while wrapping us in warm and gentle caresses – “Singing over us in Love”.

All we can do – all we are capable of doing – in return – is love.

Tina Steele Penn

Love Descending

The Rain – Love Descending

The rain outside my window awakens me. It (and the deluge in my thoughts )
is coming in waves….. filling the night.

Countless drops pouring in sheets through the air, lovingly drenching the world in freshness.

The bright and shining miracle of a single measure of a drop of love outshines everything in my world of matter, space and time.

There is truly a power in love, unlike any other. The power to move us beyond ourselves, to give beyond ourselves, and be more – than we can be – without love.

But defining love… it’s essence, limits and borders… if we approach it honestly, is simply impossible

The concept seems simple. Like the raindrop on a leaf.

Until we realize that in the smallest drop – is a universe beyond our understanding.

We cannot see love, or touch love, or hold love.

It seems instead that love sees us. Touches us. Holds us. Binds us to each other, and perhaps more than anything else gives our living,  …   life.

Our quest.

Perhaps love is the holy grail.

Not made of matter. Nor energy. Tho certainly of power. Power to disarm. To overcome. To endure. To flourish. To enjoy. To be good for goodness sake.

Love is the thing outside ourselves, that we cannot define, that tells us that there is more. That we are not alone. That there is hope. Help. Provision. …. Love.

If it were not for love, I would not believe in anything.

But I can’t explain the universe in the tiniest droplet of love. The bright and shining miracle of a single measure of a drop of love outshines everything in my world of matter, space and time.