Love – Incarnate

Thoughts on The Incarnation

What if the universe was a vast unfathomable place?
What if in this universe I am infinitesimal on my tiny plane?
How could I perceive anything so far beyond my scope?

What if the universe did not just happen to be?
What if some Essence is behind it, governing and ordaining?
What if this Essence was so great it could think all into existence?

What kind of power would It be that could think worlds into being?
What kind of strength would it have to command?
What kind of glory would be Its dwelling?

I am as small to this Greatness as the sands of the earth to
The distance across the universe. I am as helpless to this Warmth,
As an ice particle to the presence of the sun. I am as limited as matter to thought.

What if that Essence that creates cells and universes knows my simple thoughts.
What is it that will protect me from the glory of such an Essence.
I am separated by an intangible space, accountable by nature to truth.

What if this Essence is defined by thought, what kind of thought would it be.
What kind of logic? What kind of truth? What kind of love?
What if the Essence wanted to share its thought, logic, truth and love with me?

What if when I leave this space, this time, What if I see beyond the universe of matter?
What if then I exist where the Essence dwells, in the other – beyond place and time.
What if I have no power, no strength, no glory. Just me, alone in my minuteness.

What if such power would refuse me. Such strength would deny me.
Such glory would surely consume me. How to approach such distance?
What if I could see such glory in my miniscule sight?

What if this Essence could change me? Not by fiat or power,
But by Love? If Love became flesh, sinew and bone, What would that Love look like?

That love would look like the Essence of Love – Incarnate..

Tina Steele Penn