Light Becomes Elements

“Light Becomes Elements” byTSteele.Art

In my mind, if there is a moment when energy as light becomes material and then elemental, this is an abstract idea of what that moment would look like.  As an artist we paint with pigments.  Pigments derive their color from the elements they are made from.  That is why the “Elements” in this rendering are represented by brilliant pure color.

Strictly speaking this painting is created with watercolor crayons which act as a pigment delivery system that is undissolved watercolor inks. This method of creating an image literally takes your breath away as you work with the flow of the pigments in the fluid on the page.

As for the title, for those of faith there is a belief that a higher power created all the worlds of matter, in which we live and gaze. The belief is that the Creator took from his own energy of light and created matter. Perhaps in separating that matter into elements each element holding its own store of energy (light,) would have displayed a brilliant color. Those of us of faith believe that we will one day live outside the world of matter time and space, and we will be able to look and see that moment in time. As time is only linear within time and space?


For the Christian we believe that Light especially God’s light is a metaphor for truth. But that is this dimension.

Perhaps in the dimension where the essence of God is visible then truth will have a quantifiable presence. Like perhaps light.

So metaphysically perhaps – as few of us have seen into that dimension and still dwelt in this one, Light there displaying Truth will be much grander on the spectrum of color than what we know now. But even here in terra firma we cannot separate color from light, so it makes perfect sense that elements made matter from the spectrum of light, would have color defining them.

Heaven is often pictured by artists as full of white bright light. But I think perhaps it will be like the brilliant hues of the sunset, sunrise, and under the oceans all filled with a magnificent backlight.

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